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I'm Shiva, 28, and I like many things. I am a gamer (born and raised,) love zombies, horror films, anime and the goth scene. I'll talk to just about anybody as long as they are a decent person.

Game of the Moment: Saints Row IV

TV Series: Sailor Moon Crystal

To the RE Tag yet again…

Resident Evil 6 is finally out.

And yet again campaigns and things are being spoiled because people are not placing cuts or tagging stuff correctly. Even gif sets are spoilers.

(before you even recommend Tumblr Savior I’ve tried to get it to work but can’t and I’ve read every tutorial I can find)

So, in order to combat this threat, I’ve decided to no longer check my dash until RE6 is beat. It has come to this people. Even my friends are spoiling things.

I know those of you that beat it at a lightening pace are psyched and want to talk about it. That’s fine. I have to play the game slowly because I’m a high-functioning autistic. The fast pace, jarring camera angles and real time 3d playing system are murder on my brain. I’m gutting through it because I love the series. It’s not fair to me because you lot are not giving a shit and not placing cuts or not tagging.

My roommate again got shit spoiled because of this and she was the one who warned me.

So goodbye dash, I’ll see you whenever RE6 is beat.

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